"Now is the time to start your Journey through DNA!"

~ Kathleen Callanan

Decoding Your DNA with Kathleen

Decoding Your DNA

Now that your autosomal DNA test results from AncestryDNA, FTDNA, or 23andMe are posted on your personal websites, what does it all mean? What do you do now?


What you need is the interpretation of these results, some guidance, and perhaps personal coaching in Cousin Clarity from someone who has been there already, like Genetic Genealogy Consultant Kathleen J. Callanan.

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Family Lore and DNA Findings

DNA Consultant Kathleen Callanan

Now is the time to start your Journey through DNA!

By now your DNA results have come back from the lab and are posted on your company web-page.  Already you  know things about your ancestors goings and coming you never knew before.  And, then there is this list of all your Cousin Matches.

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Kathleen Callanan, Speaker

Did You Say You Needed A Speaker?

Advanced Topics in Genetic Genealogy:

Kitty Cooper’s Chromosome Segment Tool

— For those Citizen Scientists who have already identified the Common Ancestors contributing to 20 or more DNA segments, this tool creates a very useful, color-filled personal Chromosome Map.

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