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DNA Consultant Kathleen Callanan

Now is the time to start your Journey through DNA!

By now your DNA results have come back from the lab and are posted on your company web-page.  Already you  know things about your ancestors goings and coming you never knew before.  And, then there is this list of all your Cousin Matches.

“What is this all about?  Who are these people I have never heard of before?  How do I put them in my tree?  Where do I go from here?  What is next for me?”


I hear these questions frequently and that is why I have undertaken the consulting business as my fifth career.  I, too, entered into the DNA world back in 2008 and have now tested with AncestryDNA,,, National Geographic Geno 2.0, and Living_DNA.  Over the years, I have joined the tree projects at, Wiki Tree,, and MyHeritage.  You would say that I am a self-taught consultant of DNA and Genetic Genealogy , covering ten years of personal experience.  That experience rests upon a foundation of nearly thirty years of conventional genealogy research and record gathering.


But that is not unusual for me, as I am a retired electrical engineer with experience at the Boeing Company in aviation products and Hazeltine Corporation in underwater acoustic sonar products.  My undergraduate degree was a combined Physics and Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Michigan, where we spoke the languages of both the Engineers and the Physicists.  They usually approach a problem from a different perspective, as you may well know.  My MS in Electrical Engineering was granted the University of Hawaii in Honolulu, where I was Research Assistant on the Aloha System, a computer communications project aimed at the Pacific Rim participation.  Again, we are combining the expertise of the Engineer with that of the Scientist.


But, enough with the background info for now.  You have a “tiger in your hands” and you want to know how to get the most for your money out of the experience.  Let me help guide you through the journey and get you started on new discoveries.  We all have a story and the story always begins with each one of us…so, set up your consultation session now and let’s explore the road ahead.


…Kathleen J. Callanan, Genetic Genealogy Consultant


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